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Majority of men are ‘hebophiles’. That is attraction to adolescents. This natural attraction has been suppressed by law however has manifested itself through the fashion industry and the media.

Women are infantised, called ‘girls’ in the media, expected to remove all body hair which is a signal…

attraction to children is not natural and “hebe/hebophilia” is an outdated term. get the fuck off tumblr with this dissmisive bullshit

Hi I’m really,really sorry for coming off as dismissing the behaviour and I understand your anger. I want to apologize to you and to victims of hebephilia and pedophilia for appearing to be dismissing their abusers and I agree that all language that appears or aims to do so is not acceptable. I know I’m not qualified to speak on this at all which is really embarrasing, I wanted to make a comment on women’s portrayal in the media however it was vague, not backed up by facts and was executed clumsily. However, I’d really appreciate it if you could send me any links and theorists so I can read up on any issue. I will delete the offending post asap, and I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn about a topic I’m not familiar with. Once again I am deeply sorry to everyone who could have potentially been hurt by my post and I hope in the long run I can educate myself more to use the correct terms and analyse issues that takes into account the effect on various groups and individuals.

wow, first i’d like to thank you for and accept your apology. it’s not often i see people acknowledging that they’ve made a mistake, and you do so with sensitivity, so i appreciate that.

as for sources, i can provide you with a few to nudge you in the right direction, but i would encourage you to find out more on your own:

"Hebephilia is an obscure term, rarely used in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, or psychology. It is not listed as a diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 2000), the International Classification of Diseases (World Health Organization, 2007), or any other formal diagnostic system. Searches of academic databases find it very rarely invoked. Indeed, the term is so obscure that it is not even included in the 22,000-page Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the ultimate reference on English lexicography."

i would also like to add that i understand the original point of this post and agree that the portrayal of women in the media is linked heavily with children, which serves commodify, objectify, and “babify” grown women. however the problem is that we have a shallow, permissive society that passively accepts the exploitation of children and women alike, and it is a lack of outspoken children’s and women’s rights activists in the media which allows this gross objectification to continue.

basically, the problem is that society accepts that “these things just happen” because it is easier to believe that than for someone to admit they have contributed to this system of exploitation by passively consuming media which supports and condones it.

Thanks for your reply and for the informative links! I hope this opens up dialogue and informs others as well.